According to FHWA, Planning and Environment Linkages (PEL) represents a collaborative and integrated approach to transportation decision-making that 1) considers environmental, community, and economic goals early in the transportation planning process, and 2) uses the information, analysis, and products developed during planning to inform the environmental review process. 


Wyoming Highways 22 and 390 PEL Study

The Wyoming State Highway 22 (WYO 22) and Wyoming State Highway 390 (WYO 390) roadway corridors connect the Town of Jackson with the Jackson Hole Ski Resort at Teton Village and with the community of Wilson in southern Teton County, Wyoming. The regional vicinity of the corridors is shown in Figure 1 and the study area is displayed in Figure 2.
Recognizing the vital role the two corridors play in the community, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) initiated a Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) study in summer 2012. WYDOT undertook the study along with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in cooperation with Teton County and the Town of Jackson.