Cooperative Highway Landscape Program

Encourage the planting and nurturing of native vegetation, wildflowers and xeriscape plantings within Wyoming highway system right of way and rest areas.
This program provides financial assistance to projects which encourage well-designed landscaping featuring low-maintenance, native-adapted species and xeriscapes. Financial assistance can be provided to organizations and public entities responsible for installation of landscape materials under WYDOT supervision. Xeriscapes are low-maintenance landscapes composed of adaptive low water-use plants.
Program Features and Facts:
  • Sponsoring organizations must submit a completed grant application to be considered for the program. Grant applications may be obtained from the WYDOT district engineer or from WYDOT Environmental Services.
  • Application submittals will be reviewed by a selection committee. WYDOT administers the grant funding. The grant funding is based on WYDOT's available annual operating budget. 
  • Proposed sites for roadway landscaping must be located where the planting would not be disturbed by scheduled roadway construction work within the current State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).
  • A project application should include a site map and plan drawing depicting proposed plantings, improvements and preliminary cost estimates.
  • Consideration should be given for plant varieties at their mature stage.
  • Planting plan proposals should not contribute negatively toward highway safety by causing drifting of snow, impeding motorist sight distance, or otherwise present hazards to recovery/clear zones.
  • Plant selection should consider species which do not attract large game into the right of way and contribute as a motorist hazard.
  • Landscape development should be distinguished by simplicity rather than excessive structural ornamentation.
  • An eligible applicant may be any organized community group, with an established charter or bylaws, interested in aesthetic improvements to the State Highway System.
  • Disbursement procedures require the organization to have a tax identification number in order to receive funding.
  • The sponsoring organization must demonstrate they have adequate resources to complete the project and associated maintenance.
  • Examples of qualifying organizations may include: municipalities, counties, conservation districts, and civic groups.
  • Applicants may request a roadside landscape grant up to the full cost of materials, not to exceed a maximum $7,000 per application. Grant applications may not be used to cover labor costs or equipment purchase. Materials may include such items as: seeds, plants, fertilizer, and soil amendments, mulches, and weed barriers. When required, equipment rentals are an allowable cost. Project sponsor must submit to WYDOT proof of payment and an itemized material cost list. All materials must remain on WYDOT property to be eligible for reimbursement.
Recent Cooperative Landscape Program Projects:
Lander (WYO 789) - North Parkway tree planting
  • Lander (WYO 789) - North Parkway tree planting (2006) $2,500  
  • Kemmerer (US 30 - US 189) - Pocket Park (2003) $2,500
  • Diamondville (US 30 - US 189) - retaining wall, art, mulching and cleanup (2007) $2,522
Project Request/Contacts
  • WYDOT district engineers
  • John Samson, WYDOT Agronomist - 307-777-4416