The Equipment office's vision statement is to provide a safe, cost effective and quality equipment fleet. This fleet includes approximately 220 patrol vehicles, 770 other light duty sedans, pickups and vans; 400 heavy duty vehicles (single and double axle trucks and tractors); over 800 specialized pieces of equipment including mowers, chip spreaders, loaders, sweepers and trailers; and over 1200 separate plows and spreaders.

The staff in the equipment office oversee the buying and disposition of this equipment used by WYDOT workers statewide. Specifications are written and revised as the needs in the field offices change, and to keep abreast of manufacturer's changes.

The office is responsible for the training and testing of over 120 shop personnel in 22 shops statewide. This includes the headquarters rigging shop, who rig the hydraulics systems and do other prep work before a truck is ready to use a plow and sand spreader. From "rigging" to "end-of-life", all work done to any piece of WYDOT equipment is recorded in the fleet system. Data and repair work on the vehicles and equipment are entered into this system in several database tables, with fields for keeping track of Fleet number, license plate, vehicle identification number, motor size, delivery date, in-service date, warranty information, repairs, and accident damage. The equipment office is responsible for the accuracy of that data, and ensuring that vehicle/equipment inspections and preventive maintenance are performed at the correct intervals. Manufacturer's recalls are administered through the equipment office.

Disposal of surplus equipment is now handled through the online Public Surplus service. Anyone can bid on equipment and vehicles (as well as other surplus property) listed on this Web site.