How does this affect pedestrians and bicyclists?

WYDOT does not see any significant impacts or changes to the current use and operation of the intersection.  The project will maintain and perpetuate the existing non-motorized facilities by tying improvements into the pathways that was recently completed on both sides of Broadway and WYO 22. The Friends of Pathways organization recently completed a review of the design and WYDOT is working with the consultant to incorporate some recommendations.

How will this affect transit and trips to and from Albertson's?

Vehicles northbound on Buffalo Way are allowed a right-turn only onto eastbound Broadway Ave.  Motorists heading towards Wilson or Teton Village will have multiple choices via Maple Way or Scott Lane:

1.  A right turn off of Maple Way and then a left turn at the Y intersection in the new dual left lanes
2.  A  left turn off of Scott Lane and a right turn at the Y intersection. 
Going southbound on WYO 22

How will the turning movements be phased with the new signal and how will non-motorist (bicycles and pedestrians) movement be incorporated?

The Y intersection will feature a five-section head signal in two locations: one facing westbound Broadway Ave. and one facing southbound WYO 22.  A five-section head allows for a right turn overlap movement.  A right turn overlap allows a protected movement to proceed while another non-conflicting movement is also running protected. In the example shown, the right turns from westbound Broadway are running at the same time as the left turns off of WY 22.


When a right turn overlap is running the signal will look like this with a solid green arrow:
















This indicates to the right turning traffic that it is safe to make this movement. 

Likewise, when the dual left is turning from eastbound Broadway onto northbound WY 22, the right turn from southbound WY 22 will run as a right turn overlap. In both of the right turn overlap movements, no pedestrian movements across those legs will be allowed, because of the conflicting movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

During times where there is a conflicting movement, the signal will show a solid red for that movement:


















A right turn on red is still permissible, as dictated by the lack of pedestrians in the intersection and an acceptable gap in oncoming traffic, much like what happens with the free right turn there today or any other intersection where right turn on red is not prohibited.

The pedestrian movements will rest in don’t walk and only come up when the pedestrian pushes the button, activating the movement. Pedestrian movements will happen with the concurrent vehicle movement. A solid green will come up for the five-section head.





















There is an option to install a blank out to prohibit right turns during this movement, based on activation from a pedestrian push button. 














This would prohibit the right turn movement on a green ball.                                    


Typical green movement from WY22 without pedestrian activation


Green movement from WY 22 with optional blank out with pedestrian activation


Typical green movement for Broadway without pedestrian activation (permissive right turn on red)


Green movement for Broadway with optional blank out and pedestrian activation


Left turn movement from Broadway to northbound WY22