What are the changes? 


The most notable changes will be dual left turns off US 26/89/191, or Broadway Ave, onto WYO 22 and the addition of a right-out configuration, with the elimination of left-out and through-way from Buffalo Way onto US 26/89/191, or Broadway.  This will mean that those approaching Broadway from Buffalo Way will not be allowed to continue straight through the intersection to WYO 22 or turn left onto westbound Broadway Avenue.

In addition, there will be an elimination of the sweeping free rights off of west bound Broadway Ave onto WYO 22 and off of south bound WYO 22 onto Broadway Ave that are currently in place.  These right turn movements will still be accommodated with a designated right turn only lane that comes all the way up to the signal at the intersection.
To accommodate the new intersection lane configurations, a new traffic signal system will be installed with the most up-to-date detection technology.   This same vehicle detection technology will be added to the signals at the Maple Way and Scott Lane intersections with Broadway Avenue.

The reconfiguration will modify the right turn only exit from Albertsons, west of the intersection, and allow all movements. During certain times of the year there will be no issue with making the left turn out of the Albertsons approach. The geometric configuration of the roadway in front of this approach is similar to that in many larger towns across Wyoming.  Drivers should be allowed to make the decision to turn, but are not forced to use that approach for left turns, and Maple Way would still be an option.