WYDOT acknowledges the public’s desire to share in the transportation decision-making process, which seeks to balance WYDOT’s goals of safety and efficiency with various community concerns to the greatest extent possible.

Effective communication is vital to the success of the public involvement process. Communication is key in ensuring that information flows not only from WYDOT to customers, but also from the general public back to the agency. Public meetings are a valuable tool to make sure all parties have a chance to be heard.

Public meetings conducted by WYDOT fall into two categories. The traditional format begins with presentations given by agency staff to an audience at a set time, followed by  formal question-and-answer sessions. WYDOT also conducts open houses with displays that can be viewed by participants and the opportunity to visit one-on-one with subject matter experts.

In either case, public comment is welcome and will be kept as part of project documentation.

When a public meeting or open house is scheduled, WYDOT notifies media outlets in the local area, and posts a notice on the Public Meetings Schedule page of this site.

Public Involvement Handbook and Resource Guide