The WYDOT Research Library is housed in the Materials Lab building and includes some hardbound publications – both federal and state – as well as special reports, and bulletins.   WYDOT has digitizing state publications and provides web links for use by WYDOT employees and other stakeholders when conducting research. Below are links to federal and state publications housed in the Research Library, as well as numerous other links to federal and state publications.

  • Federal Reports are the main product of a research project and are often written as guidebooks or manuals. Supplemental project material—such as appendixes, which describe technical details, information-gathering activities, or survey instruments; glossaries; and bibliographies—are disseminated online as web-only documents. 
  • Federal Syntheses report on the state of the practice based on literature reviews and surveys of recent activities in critical areas. Syntheses also inform individuals about innovations being used by others to solve problems.
  • Federal Research Result Digests (RRD) are used to promote early awareness of project results in order to encourage implementation. RRDs also summarize specific findings that emphasize how the research may be used. The contents are organized in terms of the problem and the solution to it, the findings, and the applications. 
  • Federal Legal Research Digests (LRD) report on timely legal issues, compile case law, or recommend specific solutions to specific problems.
  • Web-only documents are fully searchable PDFs of contractor-prepared reports or supporting appendix materials. Web-only documents are linked to other related project products, as well as to the relevant project write-ups.
  • The Selected Studies in Transportation Law (SSTL) series is published jointly by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) and the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP). 

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