The Research Center collaborates with and assists in the funding of the Wyoming Technology Transfer Center at the University of Wyoming.  Pursuant to Wyoming Statute 21-17-115:

(a)    The University of Wyoming may operate a technology transfer center and provide training to Wyoming county and municipality employees regarding current trends in transportation technology. The funding of the program shall be administered by the Wyoming department of transportation. The cost of the program shall be provided by each of the following contributing a minimum of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00) each regardless of any contribution from the federal government or other nonstate sources, or up to a maximum of thirty-one thousand two hundred fifty dollars ($31,250.00) each provided the federal government or other nonstate sources contribute an amount equal to the total monies provided by the following as specified:

(i) Wyoming department of transportation from available funds;

(ii) Counties as provided in W.S. 24-2-110(c)(i);

(iii) Cities and towns as provided in W.S. 39-17-111(d)(iii)(A);

(iv) University of Wyoming from available funds.

(b)   The university shall annually certify the cost of the state's share of the program to the transportation commission which shall transfer the amounts specified in W.S. 24-2-110(c)(i) and 39-17-111(d)(iii)(A) to the university to be used for funding the program.


Wyoming Technology Transfer Center

University of Wyoming

Dept 3295

1000 East University Avenue

Laramie WY  82071

Phone:  307-766-6743

Fax:  307-766-6784

Website:  http://wwweng.uwyo.edu/wyt2/