Other Electric Vehicle Charging Grants

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) also created direct-to-user grants not managed by federal or state agencies. The aspects of these grants include a competitive program to deploy publicly accessible EV fueling infrastructure.

Any current funding opportunities will be listed on this page, check back frequently for updates. 

For more information, contact WYDOT.

US DOT compiles "Charging Forward: A Toolkit for Planning and Funding Rural Electric Mobility Infrastructure"


This toolkit is intended for a variety of rural stakeholders, including States, local communities, Tribes, transportation providers, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals.

The toolkit focuses on infrastructure for light-duty electric passenger vehicles (such as sedans, sport utility vehicles, and pickup trucks), but also addresses funding opportunities and planning considerations for other types of electric vehicles, including transit and school buses, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, and agricultural equipment such as tractors.

To access both the web-based or PDF versions of the kit, click here. 

This toolkit covers the stages of EV infrastructure development in the following sections:

  • Electric Vehicle Basics
  • Benefits and Challenges of Rural Vehicle Electrification
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • EV Infrastructure Planning for Rural Areas
  • EV Infrastructure Funding and Financing for Rural Areas
  • Resources for EV Infrastructure Planning
  • Environmental Statutes and Executive Orders