Know before you go

When you head out to travel during this winter season, make sure you know before you go.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation has several resources available to help motorists stay informed about travel conditions.

Motorists can visit WYDOT’s 511 Road and Travel Information website to get the latest information on conditions and road closures. The site also has other features such as web cameras to help give motorists an idea of what conditions are like in a certain location.

But motorists need to remember that even though conditions may look good in one area, it doesn’t mean that down the road conditions are the same. They can be completely different.

The following are some of the ways motorists can be prepared when traveling.

  • Download the Wyoming 511 app for Android or Apple smartphones. The app provides pre-trip and en route travel information, and can be used to provide location information to friends, family or emergency responders.
  • Dial 511 to get travel information from a phone. The travel information includes road surface conditions; travel advisories in place; temporary and seasonal closures; current weather conditions; and short-term weather forecasts.
  • Sign up for 511 Notify. The system provides alerts by text and/or email.
  • Sign up for the WYDOT Authorized Travel Program. This service allows motorists who apply and receive approval permission to drive on sections of closed road authorities deem safe.
  • Visit the Road and Travel Information website for more services and features. There are a lot of resources available to motorists by visiting the website.

New 511 map

Travelers looking for Wyoming road information now have access to a new 511 travel map that offers improved functionality and usability.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation revamped its 511 map and launched a new version recently that’s mobile friendly and provides even more road information, conditions and other travel information.

The new map will still show road conditions, incidents, web cameras, weather stations, construction projects, electronic message signs, variable speed limit signs, rest areas and size and weight restrictions.                               

The new map builds on those features and includes some new ones as well. One of the new features is that the map will show impact to travel based on full road closure, partial closure, high, moderate and low impacts. Closures to light, high profile vehicles or directional closures will be displayed as white with a red border.

Learn more about the new map by watching the video below.