Reduced speeds on Broadway (US 89)

December 1, 2017

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) will be reducing the speed limit on Broadway (US 89) from the Flat Creek Bridge through the Karns Meadow area.

The existing 35 mph speed limit will begin west of the Y intersection and then the speed will then be reduced to 30 mph just past Budge Drive. This new speed limit will extend through the Karns Meadow area to the existing 25 mph sign near milepost 154. The signs will be installed on Monday, Nov. 27.  
In addition to the new speed limit, WYDOT will be replacing some current wildlife warning signs with newer designs and the Town of Jackson will be adding some electronic speed signs at the beginning and end of the speed limit area. 
The speed limit changes are in response to a collaborative effort between WYDOT, Teton County, town of Jackson and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation to reduce wildlife collisions and improve driver safety county-wide. The speed change is part of a comprehensive approach to addressing wildlife collisions that will include an educational campaign and potentially new signing or changing current signs to draw attention to potential wildlife in the area. 
“The area near Karns Meadow on West Broadway is a know​n wildlife vehicle collision hot spot within the urban town limits. The town and county, including local law enforcement, and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation have been actively engaged in the process of coming up with acceptable solutions to address wildlife vehicle collisions. This issue has been approached professionally and with genuine concern. Enhanced signage and the implementation of radar speed signs is also being considered at this site," WYDOT District Engineer Keith Compton said. 
WYDOT is asking local drivers and commuters to take note of the new speed limit, be aware of your surroundings and take extra precautions at night.
WYDOT also urges motorists to avoid distracted driving. Do not operate your motor vehicle while talking on your cell phone, eating or engaging in any other activity that would take your eyes and mind off the road.
Driving Tips To Avoid Collisions With Wildlife

  • Slow Down.
  • Pay attention to the road.
  • Scan the sides of the roads for wildlife.
  • Be alert to areas of high vegetation and steep banks.
  • Wildlife tends to cross roads more often at dawn and dusk and at night.
  • If you see one elk, deer or moose, you are likely to see more.
  • If you see an animal on the road expect the unexpected.  They do not instinctively know how to react to vehicles.  Give the animal time and room to move off the road.  Do not try to out-run it.
  • Wildlife warning signs are there for a reason. Take note.
  • Extend your following distance through wildlife areas.  Do not follow the car in front of you too closely. 
  • Drive responsibly and defensively.

For information about road closures and weather conditions, please visit WYDOT's 511 website. Visit WYDOT for questions about the department. For more information about Teton County, please visit its website.