WYDOT urges customers to use alternative methods of conducting Driver Services business

March 25, 2020

To increase social distancing in support of the state’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) urges the public to take advantage of the Executive Order Governor Mark Gordon issued allowing for a 90-day grace period for expired driver licenses and identification cards and not visit the Driver Services Offices for those and several related services during the outbreak.
“While we remain open for business, we are asking the public to maximize the use of email, phone and online methods to conduct business at the agency’s Driver Services offices so we can promote social distancing to protect the public and our employees,” said WYDOT Director K. Luke Reiner.
As a reminder, the following services are available through these alternate methods.

  • Online:
    • Customers can download several driver forms online. They will need to email or mail the forms for processing. See below for email addresses and links to forms.
  • Email: 
    • Customers can email and submit driver forms for services such as: driving records, record review, hearing requests, probationary license issuance (on a limited basis), mail-in renewals, DOT medical certificate submission, requests for temporary licenses, disabled placard issuance, renewal and/or replacement. 
    • See below for email addresses and links to forms.
  • Phone: 
    • Customers can call if they have general questions or to conduct other business by phone such as reinstatement fees/requirements, CDL skills tests scheduling and requests for temporary licenses.
    • Phone numbers and other contact information for local Driver Services offices can be found on WYDOT's website.
    • Or customers can reach the main Driver Services office in Cheyenne at: 307-777-4800.

The Governor’s Executive Order (2020-4), issued March 24, provides a 90-day grace period to those whose driver licenses and ID cards expire between March 15, 2020 through June 1, 2020. It also suspends non-commercial driving tests for 90 days and requires commercial tests to continue with the possibility of additional health-screening questions being asked.
“If your license is due for renewal, you’ve now got an extra 90 days and we would recommend you use our remote services instead of visiting in person,” said Misty Dobson, Driver Services program manager. “If you do opt to come visit, we do ask that you limit the number of people you bring with you as we are following the 10-person guidance in order to help enforce social distancing.”
Commercial driver license tests are still being conducted by appointment only. Commercial drivers requiring an exam should call WYDOT’s offices and employees will work to expedite the process.

“At this time, commercial drivers are more important than ever before,” said Reiner. “Our state and nation need those critical supplies and drivers are needed to deliver them.” 
Because road testing for non-commercial licenses is suspended for 90 days, a 90-day extension of learner’s permits will be offered. Current rules and regulations allow for the issuance of new licenses to those who have taken and passed a certified driver education class. Residents who meet this criteria can contact their local Driver Services Office to inquire about immediate options. The goal of Driver Services is to provide services in a safe and socially distanced manner.
Motorists whose licenses have expired will be able to download a letter later today from WYDOT’s website that they can carry with them to show law enforcement or Transportation Service Administration (TSA) regarding the grace period. TSA has also issued guidance that these documents will be accepted at all of their locations and for all of their requirements. 
WYDOT will assess the situation on April 20, 2020 to make a determination if testing can resume on a full or limited basis, the Executive Order stated. 
For additional information, please visit the following websites:

To contact Driver Services by email, choose from the following addresses:

  • Driving Records - dot-dscomp@wyo.gov
  • Record Review  - dot-dscomp@wyo.gov
  • Hearing Requests  - dot-dscomp@wyo.gov
  • Probationary License Issuance (on a limited basis)  - dot-dscomp@wyo.gov
  • Mail In Renewals - renewals@wyo.gov
  • DOT Medical Certificate submission - cdl@wyo.gov
  • Requests for Temporary Licenses - renewals@wyo.gov
  • Disabled Placard Issuance, Renewal and/or Replacement - dot-dscomp@wyo.gov
  • For general Driver Services question, go to WYDOT’s Contact Us page and select Driver License Issues.

Residents can contact the main Driver Services Office in Cheyenne at (307) 777-4800 with any questions.