What is Construction Collaboration?

Collaboration is a commitment to partnering to set and reach mutual goals by utilitzing teamwork and fostering positive relationships.


Collaboration is a relationship in which:

  • Trust and open communications are encouraged and expected from all participants.
  • All parties address and resolve issues and problems promptly at the lowest possible level.
  • All parties have identified common goals for the partnership and at the same time are aware of and respect each other's individual goals and values.
  • Partners seek input from each other in an effort to find better solutions to the problems and issues at hand.  This creates synergy in the relationship that fosters cooperation and improves the productivity of the partnership.



WCCP Steering Committee

Steering committee members serving from 2022-2024 include the following:

  • Katie Legerski, AGC Executive
  • Kent Ketterling, State Construction Engineer
  • Tom DeHoff, Assistant Chief Engineer of Operations
  • Greg Milburn, State Materials Engineer
  • Scott Taylor, District Engineer
  • Pete Stinchcomb, District Construction Engineer
  • Brooke Allen, District Traffic Engineer
  • Mike Haynes, AGC Board Member, Knife River
  • Kevin Craft, AGC Board Member, McGarvin-Moberly
  • Jason Tystad, AGC Board Member, S & S Builders LLC
  • Brad Olson, AGC Superintendent at large, Oftedal Construction Inc
  • Bryson Gambrel, AGC Superintendent at larnge, Croell Inc