Macrotexture Depth / Percent Embedment Depth Training Video

The following training video shows how to perform the Macrotexture Test for pavements (otherwise known as the 'sand patch' test).  This test is described in the WYDOT Materials Testing Manual (MTM), Section 230.0.  Steve Narvais, a technician in the Field Services Section of the WYDOT Materials Program (Cheyenne) demonstrates the test.  The test is very quick and easy to perform.  Perform this test for both milled and chip sealed pavement surfaces.  Record the results for each test on Form T-211.  At each test location, repeat the test three (3) times in a triangle pattern (with 3-foot sides).

Use this test to determine the macrotexture depth of milled pavements as well as the percent embedment depth for chip sealed pavements. 

Forward a copy of test results to the WYDOT Resident Engineer after milling or chip sealing is completed.  If you have any questions about the test, please contact Bruce Morgenstern, P.E. at the WYDOT Materials Program at 307-777-4271.



MTM 230_0 - Determination of Macrotexture of Pavement Surface