Right-Of-Way Program

The Right-of-Way Program is responsible for six activities, which cover acquisition, management and disposition of real and personal property. The principal activity is the acquisition of all rights-of-way for transportation purposes and keeping and maintaining of records pertaining thereto.

Land Acquisition
Secures rights-of-way across private, State and Federal lands and assists other governmental agencies in securing lands for state and federally funded transportation system improvements. Also secures a variety of other permits and agreements for necessary transportation purposes as requested.

Relocation Assistance
Responsible for providing relocation advisory services, making relocation estimates and relocation payments to all individual, businesses, farms and nonprofit organizations upon proper application who are displaced from land purchased for any transportation related project.

Property Management
In cooperation with Financial Services and Office Services, is responsible for the maintenance and records of all real property holdings, including excess lands acquired in the process of obtaining rights-of-way for transportation facilities. Also responsible for the disposition of real property declared surplus by the Wyoming Transportation Commission.

Outdoor Advertising Acquisitions
Estimates the value of outdoor advertising signs and leasehold interest in the site location, completes necessary agreements with sign and site owners, makes payments to each as required, and monitors the removal of the sign structures.

Junkyard Control
Regulates and restricts the establishment, operation, and maintenance of junkyards in areas adjacent to the interstate and primary systems through licensing, screening, relocation, removal or disposal of the junk and junkyard.

Employee Relocation
Administers the employee relocation program by hiring appraisers and reviewing appraisals when needed, allocating relocation payments to employees, and buying and selling employee home’s when necessary.

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