Thank you for your interest in the Outdoor Advertising Program. Below you'll find links for the program's rules and regulations and permit application.

A separate completed application and nonrefundable application fee of $100 is required for each sign being requested. Each application also requires:

  • Written permission from the landowner on whose property the proposed sign is to be located;
  • Proof of zoning from the appropriate city or county zoning authority;
  • A sketch of the area in which the proposed sign is to be located depicting the proposed sign location marked with the distances between your sign and the nearest existing signs on either side of your proposed sign location, as well as the distance between your sign location and the nearest place of business; and
  • If a city and/or county permit is required, proof of the permit approval from the appropriate city or county authority.

Some counties and cities may have ordinances or regulations regarding the erection of outdoor advertising that are more restrictive than the state law. Check with the appropriate city or county agency for their requirements before erecting sign structures.

There is a $15 per year fee to maintain an Outdoor Advertising Permit. The billing for this fee will begin on the fourth year.

If you have any questions about the program, please call (307) 777-4121.