Local & Regional Coordinated Planning

In 2005, the Federal Transit Administration began looking at coordination as a way to reduce costs and utilize resources in communities better. Coordinated plans became a requirement for much of the FTA's funding. Numerous grants specifically require that all projects be a part of a coordinated plan. In 2007, WYDOT LGC staff started enforcing this policy.

WYDOT also has provided funding to WILR (Wyoming Independent Living Rehabilitation Inc. ) and WSIL (Wyoming Services for Independent Living Inc.) to assist with the process through mobility managers.

For those in need of mobility management in the eastern half of the state, please contact WILR at (307) 266-6956. For mobility management in the western half of the state, please contact WSIL at (307) 332-4889.

Statewide Coordinated Planning

Currently the Wyoming Statewide Coordinated Plan is just a work in progress. WYDOT LGC staff are currently working with other state agencies to improve coordination at a statewide level. There has been some work with the Wyoming Department of Health, and in the future there may be more coordination with other state agencies in relation to transit.