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WYDOT Transit Title VI Notice to the Public (Bilingual)

Transit Title VI Notice to the Public 

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Fiscal Year 2024 Public Transit Award Announcement

Funding Overview

Transit programs in Wyoming are administered by WYDOT through the Office of Local Government Coordination. Transit programs are funded through a variety of federal and state programs. Currently all 23 counties have at least one provider of public transportation. Many of the public transportation programs are provided by the senior centers in the area.  

Transit programs are divided into four major funding categories:

  • Operating Assistance
  • Administration Assistance
  • Maintenance Assistance
  • Capital Assistance

Many of the specific programs allow for multiple categories within each fund type. All are reimbursement programs with varying match ratio required. Please refer to the Grant Management section for additional program specific information.

As part of receiving these monies, the FTA and WYDOT require individuals who receive certain funding types must be a part of a locally derived coordinated plan. A goal of LGC staff is to have coordination at all levels: local, regional and statewide. See Local, Regional and Statewide Coordinated Planning for more information.

FTA Transit Asset Management (TAM) Plan

2022 Transit Asset Management Group Plan - Updated August 28, 2023

Transit Asset Management Plan Signature Page - To be completed by the TAM Accountable Executive after any plan update or rewrite

FTA Master AgreementAcknowledgement Signature Page for WYDOT Subrecipients – Required every year with the grant application

Vehicle Condition Form (VCF) – Required every October

Drug and Alcohol Program

Quarterly Drug and Alcohol Test Reporting

Quarterly Drug and Alcohol Test Reporting Form  

The above reporting form is required to be submitted every four months per the following schedule:

     January (for the months October-December)
     April (for the months January-March)
     July (for the months April-June)
     October (for the months July-September)

Contact Information

Sara Janes Ellis
Local Government Coordinator
(307) 777-4438

Transit Program Coordinator
(307) 777-4384

Leanna Humble
Local Government Specialist
Districts 3 and 5
(307) 777-4181

Shauna Perkins
Local Government Specialist
Districts 1, 2 and 4
(307) 777-3938

Mailing Address
Office of Local Government Coordination
5300 Bishop Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY  82009-3340

Translator Services

Translation and interpretation services are available on request. Please contact us at: Civil Rights Program - TELEPHONE: 307-777-4457 - EMAIL:


Los servicios de traducción e interpretación están disponibles a pedido. Por favor contáctenos en: Civil Rights Program - TELEPHONE: 307-777-4457 - EMAIL: