Vehicle Dealer License Requirement

  • Any person engaged in the business of selling or exchanging three or more vehicles in Wyoming in any consecutive 12-month period is required to obtain a Wyoming Vehicle Dealer License (W.S. 31-16-103). 
  • You must submit an application to WYDOT before commencing business and annually thereafter in order to engage in the business of a vehicle dealer in Wyoming.
  • Each year, a Wyoming vehicle dealer must submit a $25,000 surety bond, on a form prescribed by WYDOT, with the license application. NEW APPLICANTS - Do not have the surety bond executed until you have been notified your license application has been approved.
  • All new applicants must undergo a criminal background investigation, including being fingerprinted, before a Wyoming Vehicle Dealer License will be issued.

Application Instructions for Wyoming Vehicle Dealers

1. All vehicle dealers must complete the form MV-422 Vehicle Dealer and Manufacturer Application. New vehicle dealers must also attach copies of franchise papers or dealer sales and service agreements for all new vehicles that they will be selling and complete the new vehicle information at the bottom of page 3.

2. Wyoming-based manufacturers must fill out steps 1 through 3 and 5 through 8 on the MV-422 Vehicle Dealer and Manufacturer Application. Written approval from the city or county stating that vehicles may be manufactured from the established location is required. Photos of the business location are required.

3. Check the application over thoroughly before submitting it to the department. The application will be returned for any blank, insufficient or incorrect information provided. There are some areas of the application that request attachments (pictures, lease copies, etc.). Be sure that additional attachments are enclosed with the application. The application must be signed and dated on page 4 step 7.

4. Applicant must have a Wyoming Sales and Use Tax License. Contact the Wyoming Department of Revenue to obtain this license.

5. The annual application fee for a vehicle dealer or Wyoming-based manufacturer's license must accompany the application with check to be made payable to the Wyoming Department of Transportation.  See page 4 step 6 for the applicable fees. 

6. Applicant must file with the department a bond in the sum of $25,000, with corporate surety  duly licensed to do business within Wyoming on the bond form provided by the department contained in your packet. Provide this bond form to your insurance company. NEW APPLICANTS: Do not have the bond executed until you have been notified by this department that your application has been approved.

7. New applicants, excluding financial institutions and repossession companies, must undergo a state and national criminal history record background check, including completing the background check information questionnaire and submitting state and national fingerprint cards with the license application. Fingerprint cards must be obtained from WYDOT. Criminal history record information may take a minimum of 30 days to process. A license will not be issued until the criminal history record information is received, reviewed and the license application approved by the department.

8. The vehicle dealer or Wyoming based manufacturer's license is valid for one year. The effective and expiration dates of the license will correspond to the effective and expiration dates of the bond posted. The license must be renewed prior to the expiration date of the previous year’s license.

All vehicle dealers and Wyoming-based manufacturers will be provided with copies of the statutes and rules and regulations to be sent with the license or upon request to the department. The applicant is responsible for reading and understanding the laws and rules and regulations that apply to their dealership or manufacturing business.

Criminal Background Check Requirement

Criminal Background Check Instructions

  1. Complete the Wyoming Vehicle Dealer/Wyoming Based Manufacturer License Background Check Supplemental Information Questionnaire for EACH OWNER of the business
  2. Submit completed State-Non Criminal and Federal Criminal fingerprint cards with the $39 fingerprint processing fee in certified funds made payable to 'Attorney General - DCI', FOR EACH OWNER. Contact your local law enforcement agency to have the fingerprints taken.
  3. DCI will not accept the fingerprint cards if the information on the front/back of the cards is not completed or if the fingerprints are not legible. Please be sure to fill in all information applicable on the cards.
  4. Fingerprint processing may take a minimum of 30 days to complete. A vehicle dealer license application will not be approved until the criminal history record information is received by WYDOT.
  5. Contact WYDOT Compliance & Investigation if you have questions regarding the background check requirement or forms - (307) 777-3815.