The Wyoming Department of Transportation acknowledges the public’s desire to share in the transportation decision-making process, which seeks to balance WYDOT’s goals of safety and efficiency with various community concerns to the greatest extent possible. WYDOT will communicate the agency’s mission and goals to the widest audience possible and consider feedback received from outside organizations and the public. WYDOT strives to provide early and continuing opportunities during project development for the public to be involved in the identification of social, economic, and environmental impacts, as well as impacts associated with relocation of individuals, groups, or institutions.


Purpose and Need of the project:

1)The Snake River Bridge is deficient and needs to be replaced.
1)The bridge deck is deteriorated and its difficult to work on given the traffic volumes and narrowness of the existing width
2)The bridge is nearing the end of its service life
3)Two-girder fracture-critical system

2) The intersection of WYO 390 and WYO 22 is failing to meet the standard level of service and needs to be redesigned to accommodate future traffic.  Due to the close proximity of the intersection to the bridge, it has been included as part of this project. 


The WYO 390 – WYO 22 intersection was identified in the Planning and Environmental Linkages Study (PELS) as a major intersection in which motorists encounter  delays.  The PELS listed the intersection and the Snake River Bridge as a high priority improvement project.