The Program’s overall performance target, as well as the mission of the Wyoming Highway Safety Behavioral Grants Program, is to reduce the State’s traffic crashes, fatalities, and injuries on the roads through leadership, innovation, facilitation, and program support in partnership with other public and private organizations.

The Wyoming Highway Safety Behavioral Grants Program strives to accomplish this mission by identifying traffic safety problems and then enabling state and community leaders to develop and conduct effective programs and activities to address them. Accomplishing this mission is dependent on developing and maintaining partnerships and working cooperatively with partners interested in achieving the same targets.

Highway Safety Plan

The Highway Safety Plan (HSP) is an application for federal funding to address behavioral traffic safety issues.


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Annual Report

The Annual Report summarizes the Highway Safety Plan activities and monies spent during that fiscal year.


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Seat Belt Observational Survey

The Seat Belt Observational Survey provides statistically reliable observational data on seat belt use in Wyoming.


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Wyoming Drivers Survey

The Wyoming Drivers Survey is used to assess many aspects of licensed Wyoming driver attitudes, opinions, knowledge, and behaviors.


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Governors Council on Impaired Driving

The Governors Council on Impaired Driving follows a structured plan to reduce impaired driving and concentrates its efforts on implementing solutions that address the most pressing concerns facing Wyoming.


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Alcohol and Crime in Wyoming


The Alcohol and Crime in Wyoming report, published by the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, provides results and analysis of substance-related data. The Main and Supplemental Reports could be accessed directly here

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Additional References/Links


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                                                              Uniform Procedures for State and Highway Safety Grant Programs                                                    Wyoming Seat Belt Coalition (WSBC)  

                                                              Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS)                                                                                          Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) 

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