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Rate Changes for 2015

What’s New for 2015
We are again faced with increases in medical plan costs as the result of the
number and dollar amount of claims filed by plan participants combined with the
escalating cost of medical services. As in the past, your employer will share the
cost increases with you.
To help us better control rising medical plan costs, we ask that you commit to a
healthy lifestyle and be fully involved in every decision about your health so that
when you do need care, you get it in the most appropriate place and the most cost-effective
The changes for 2015 are summarized below.
Medical Plan Changes
  • Premium and employer contribution rates will increase for Active Employees all
  • medical plan options. 2015 rates are included in this newsletter.
  • Premium rates will increase for retirees for all medical plan options. 2015 rates are
  • included in this newsletter.
  • Prescription drugs administered through MedImpact will have a $2,000 annual out of
  • pocket maximum for all preferred generic drugs ($10 co-pay), preferred brand drugs
  • ($20 co-pay), and specialty drugs ($80 co-pay). Non-preferred medications are not
  • subject to the annual out of pocket.
  • Precertification will be required prior to high cost radiology.
  • The Wyoming Health Fair blood draw incentive will be eliminated December 31,
  • 2014.


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