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The Aeronautics Division

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    The Aeronautics Division assists publicly owned Wyoming airports with state and federal funding needs, for use in airport improvements, planning and construction. The Division administers these projects from inception through final construction. 

    Primary focuses include aviation safety, promotion of air service in the state, and providing flight services for the Governor, as well as other state employees, who are traveling to conduct state business.

  • Fly Wyoming Newsletter


    Fly Wyoming

    The Fly Wyoming Newsletter highlights the importance of aeronautics in Wyoming. Air service in Wyoming supports more than 12,000 jobs and improves the efficiency of 38,000 jobs while generating $1.4 billion in annual economic activity.

    The Department of Transportation and its Aeronautics Division is committed to restoring and maintaining rural air service and the jobs and economic impacts it supports in Wyoming.

    Read more in the May Fly Wyoming.


    Read the April 2017 Fly Wyoming.

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      Aeronautics Division
      200 E. 8th Ave.
      Cheyenne, WY  82003
      (307) 777-3952


      Main Divisional Contacts:

      Tess Smith, Flight Scheduler – (307) 777-3951


      Program Management Contact Information:

      Amy Surdam, Administrator – (307) 777-3953

      Tory Meisel, Flight Operations Manager – (307) 777-3955

      Christy Yaffa, Planning and Programming Program Manager – (307) 777-3956

      Brian Olsen, Engineering & Construction Program Manager – (307) 777-3914

      Sheri Taylor, Air Service Development Program Manager – (307) 777-4360

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