At the encouragement of the Wyoming's public safety community, the Wyoming Legislature recognized a need for a comprehensive and coordinated statewide emergency communications network and established Wyoming's PSCC effective July 1, 2004 through W.S. 9-2-1101. The PSCC is responsible for providing policy level direction related to planning, designing and implementing guidelines, best practices and standard approaches to address Wyoming's public safety communications interoperability issues.

The PSCC is comprised of representatives appointed by the Governor from the following public safety agencies, professional associations, and State departments:

  • Wyoming Police Chief's Association
  • Wyoming Sheriff's Association
  • Division of Criminal Investigation, Office of the Attorney General
  • Wyoming Game and Fish Department
  • Wyoming Department of Transportation
  • Wyoming Fire Chief's Association
  • The public at large
  • An ambulance and emergency medical services organization
  • The Wyoming Association of Municipalities or another municipal government association
  • The Wyoming County Commissioners Association or another county government association
  • Tribal Government or tribal government association

The PSCC's structure, both in its appointments and the makeup of its working groups, is designed to foster collaboration among stakeholders at the local and state level. The PSCC is resolved to focus on the following priorities:

  • Recommend strategies for improving Wyoming's wireless interoperability
  • Determine standards for WyoLink network
  • Identify immediate short-term technological and policy solutions that tie existing infrastructure together into an interoperable system
  • Develop long-term technical and policy recommendations to establish the development and implementation of the WyoLink network
  • Develop recommendations for legislation or other state action that may be required to further promote wireless interoperability in Wyoming

Public Safety Communications Commission Members (296.39  KB)