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Wyoming Aircraft Registration


May 2014

At this time, there is no aircraft registration requirement for Wyoming at this time.  Therefore, there are no State aircraft registration fees.

Regarding Wyoming sales tax and property tax, all purchases of aircraft in Wyoming are subject to Wyoming sales tax unless an exemption applies. Furthermore all purchases of aircraft outside of the state of Wyoming where first use occurs in Wyoming are subject to Wyoming use tax, again unless an exemption applies. For those sales where the seller possesses a Wyoming sales/use tax license, they should collect the tax from the purchaser and remit it to the department. For those sales where the purchaser is a private party or otherwise not required to have a license with our office, arrangements should be made between the seller and the purchaser. In most cases the purchaser will remit tax directly to the Department based on the location where possession transferred to the purchaser. Inquiries in determining the appropriate amount of tax and possible exemptions should be directed to the Sales Tax Division of the Wyoming Department of Revenue and inquiries regarding the applicability and rate of property tax should be directed to the Property Tax Division. Both are available at:


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