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Rules, Regulations, Policies, & Statutes

Rules, Regulations, Policies, & Statutes...

Title 10:  WYDOT's Aeronautics Division & Commission are governed by these statutes.

Loan Rules & Regulations:  Outlines the rules and regulations for the Aeronautics Commission’s Loan Program.

Airport Procedural & Information Manual:  The manual represents current procedural practices.  Additional sections shall be posted as they become available, and a 60-day comment period shall be provided for each addition.  To provide a written comment, you may either click here, or call the Division at (307) 777-3960.

Commission Policy:  This explains the Aeronautics Commission's Policy guidelines.

AIP Grant Assurances:  This is a copy of the State Grant Certificate, which explains the Aeronautics Commission's Grant Assurances on the second page.

AIP PRM:  Defines evaluation criteria for state grant funding consideration for the Airport Improvement Program (AIP).

AIP Priorities:  Lists the Commissions priorities for Airport Improvement Program funding.

ASEP PRM:  Defines evaluation criteria for state grant funding consideration for the Air Service Enhancement Program (ASEP).