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Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing

In light of several changes in our program design, we are taking whatever means necessary to have every taxpayer file their information electronically. While our existing rules & regulations address electronic filing for many of our customers (250 lines of data or more), a large number of our customers fall into the "less than 250 lines" category and thus are not officially compelled to file electronically. However, we are asking that those customers work with us to begin filing electronically. We along with our programmers, will make the process as painless as possible.

If you find that alternative options are needed by your company in place of EDI formats to file electronically, please notify our EDI specialist at 307-777-4832.

The WYDOT EDI specifications document and sample returns are available for review and download. If you are a Wyoming-licensed supplier or distributor and would like to begin testing with us, please contact us via email or (307)777-4826.

The EDI filing specification is supplied below in both a PDF format and as an MS Word document.

In addition, there are two sample returns, one for a distributor and one for a supplier. They illustrate how to format a return for submission in the EDI format.

EDI Facts Document
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