Contact information for Driver Services

To speak with a representative for Driver Services dial 307-777-4800 and then choose from one of the options below.

Option 1 for: Documents required to get a license, mail-in license renewal,

identification card, immigration and address change questions.

Option 2 for: All commercial driver license and DOT medical certificate questions.

Option 3 for: Ignition interlock requirement questions.

Option 4 for: Insurance, SR22 and uninsured accident questions.

Option 5 for: Medical and/or vision evaluation and disabled placard questions.

Option 6 for: Probationary license and/or hearing request questions.

Option 7 for: Suspension, revocation, cancellation and driver license reinstatement


Option 8 for: Driving record request questions.

Option 9 for: General questions not available in the previous options.


Send an email inquiry to Wyoming Driver Services.

General Driver License or Suspension Issues

Commercial Driver License (CDL) Issues

Driving Record Information

License Renewal By Mail Issues

License For Non-Citizens Issues