Wyoming Department of Transportation

Driver Review

The re-examination program is designed to promote highway safety by re-examining drivers to evaluate their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.  A re-exam may be required for the following reasons:

  • Drivers who have had, or are developing problem driving records
  • New drivers that exhibit poor driving behaviors
  • Applicants whose driving privileges have been revoked for alcohol offenses, if they did not have ignition interlock
  • Drivers who have experienced a major physical change that could affect their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.  These people are usually referred by doctors, law enforcement, or by examiner observation.
  • Accident reports - law enforcement requests that we re-examine a driver because they have either caused an accident or demonstrated to the officer at the time of the accident that they may have a medical or visual condition

W.S. 31-7-122 grants the Department authority to require any licensee to undergo a re-evaluation of his/her qualification to maintain a driver license, if there is reason to believe a person might not be qualified to drive.   (W.S. 31-7-122:   “The division, having good cause to believe that a licensed driver is unsafe or otherwise not qualified to be licensed, may upon written notice of not less than ten (10) days to the licensee require him to submit to an appropriate examination.”)