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WYDOT Report

The WYDOT Report

Every week the WYDOT Report covers a subject of statewide interest for the people of Wyoming.
The program airs across the state thanks to the cooperation of network television affiliates in Cheyenne, Casper and Jackson.


June 20, 2016: Rest Areas Challenges


A rest area can be a welcome stop for travelers on a long trip, but providing and maintaining those services can be a challenge for WYDOT. 

Featuring: Tim McGary, WYDOT District Maintenance Engineer - Laramie

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May 30, 2016: Training New Troopers


Nine new state troopers were sworn in this May. Their commissioning was the culmination of 26 weeks of training.   

Featuring: Sgt. Randy Starkey, WHP Academy Coordinator

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May 23, 2016: Reopening Alpine Highways


The upcoming Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer travel season. It’s also the target for reopening several alpine highways that have been closed for the winter. 

Featuring: Tye Fix, WYDOT Area Maintenance Supervisor - Laramie

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