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The WYDOT Report

Every week the WYDOT Report covers a subject of statewide interest for the people of Wyoming.
The program airs across the state thanks to the cooperation of network television affiliates in Cheyenne, Casper and Jackson.


August 25, 2014: Interstate Resurfacing


Nine pavement milling and overlay projects are underway on interstate highways in Wyoming this summer. 

Featuring:  Tim Morton, WYDOT Resident Engineer - Cheyenne

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August 18, 2014: Rising Fatalities


Wyoming’s traffic fatalities last year were the lowest in 68 years, but the number of deaths on the state’s roads this year has already surpassed last year’s total.  

Featuring:  Col. John Butler, Wyoming Highway Patrol Administrator 

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August 11, 2014: Drug-Impaired Driving


The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has raised concerns about the potential for an increase in drug-impaired drivers here in Wyoming. 

Featuring:  Col. John Butler, Wyoming Highway Patrol Administrator

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