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WYDOT Report

The WYDOT Report

Every week the WYDOT Report covers a subject of statewide interest for the people of Wyoming.
The program airs across the state thanks to the cooperation of network television affiliates in Cheyenne, Casper and Jackson.


October 17, 2016: Light Trailer Advisory


Light trailer advisories give motorists a heads up about windy conditions when traveling. 

Featuring: Sgt. David Wagener, Wyoming Highway Patrol

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October 10, 2016: Teton Pass Vehicle Arrestor System


Anyone who’s driven in Wyoming’s mountains is likely familiar with the sight of runaway truck ramps. WYDOT is in the process of installing a new inventive system that protects both truck drivers and the public.

Featuring: David Kaufman, WYDOT Project Engineer - Jackson

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October 3, 2016: WYDOT Authorized Travel


With winter just around the corner, there may be times when some travelers need access to parts of a closed road. 

Featuring: Ali Ragan, WYDOT GIS-ITS Project Manager

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