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The WYDOT Report

Every week the WYDOT Report covers a subject of statewide interest for the people of Wyoming.
The program airs across the state thanks to the cooperation of network television affiliates in Cheyenne, Casper and Jackson.


July 20, 2015: Casper West Belt Loop Paving


A long-term effort to build a brand new highway on the outskirts of Casper is progressing this summer.  

Featuring:  Jack Stone, WYDOT Resident Engineer - Casper

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July 13, 2015: Riverton South Construction


After last year’s work in-town to re-build part of Federal Boulevard in Riverton, WYDOT is now focusing efforts further South on Highway 789. 

Featuring: Wade Elloitt, WYDOT Project Engineer - Riverton


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July 6, 2015: Ten Sleep Construction


When the Wyoming Department of Transportation undertakes road repair work, it's for a variety of good reasons, but in the short term, travelers often face delays and inconvenience. 

Featuring:  Dan McAfee, WYDOT Resident Engineer - Worland; Shawn Coffin, Human Resources Director - Oftedal Construction, Inc.

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