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WYDOT Report

The WYDOT Report

Every week the WYDOT Report covers a subject of statewide interest for the people of Wyoming.
The program airs across the state thanks to the cooperation of network television affiliates in Cheyenne, Casper and Jackson.


July 18, 2016: Lusk Bridge Reopening


A flash flood that hit the town of Lusk last June resulted in substantial property damage, including the collapse of a major highway bridge. Just over a year later, the new bridge is now in service.

Featuring: Keith Fulton, WYDOT Assistant Chief Engineer 

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July 11, 2016: High Performance Wearing Course


Pavement must withstand the wear and tear of traffic and weather while still providing a smooth, skid resistant surface for vehicles. WYDOT is testing a new high performance pavement on I-80.

Featuring: Lawrence Packard, WYDOT Engineer - Rawlins

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July 4, 2016: July 4th Safety Enforcement


If you’re planning on traveling this week for the holiday, expect plenty of company.    

Featuring: Sgt. Duane Ellis, Wyoming Highway Patrol

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