The WYDOT Research Library is housed in the Planning Office and includes numerous hardbound publications – both federal and state – as well as special reports, and bulletins.   WYDOT has digitizing state publications, and provides web links for use by WYDOT employees and other stakeholders when conducting research. Below are links to federal and state publications housed in the Research Library, as well as numerous other links to federal and state publications.

  • Federal Reports are the main product of a research project and are often written as guidebooks or manuals. Supplemental project material—such as appendixes, which describe technical details, information-gathering activities, or survey instruments; glossaries; and bibliographies—are disseminated online as web-only documents. 
  • Federal Syntheses report on the state of the practice based on literature reviews and surveys of recent activities in critical areas. Syntheses also inform individuals about innovations being used by others to solve problems.
  • Federal Research Result Digests (RRD) are used to promote early awareness of project results in order to encourage implementation. RRDs also summarize specific findings that emphasize how the research may be used. The contents are organized in terms of the problem and the solution to it, the findings, and the applications. 
  • Federal Legal Research Digests (LRD) report on timely legal issues, compile case law, or recommend specific solutions to specific problems.
  • Web-only documents are fully searchable PDFs of contractor-prepared reports or supporting appendix materials. Web-only documents are linked to other related project products, as well as to the relevant project write-ups.
  • The Selected Studies in Transportation Law (SSTL) series is published jointly by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) and the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP). 

1.    Links to Federal Publications and Services

  • FHWA - Federal Highway Commission    

Wyoming Division


Highway Safety Improvement Program Reports

Federal Highway Administration Performance Reports

USDOT Research, Development and Technology Strategic Plan 2017 to 2021

  • Long-Term Infrastructure Performance



R&T Agenda Website

  • ACRP - Airport Cooperative Research Program

ACRP Reports

ACRP Synthesis

ACRP Research Digests

ACRP Legal Research Digests

ACRP Impacts on Practice:

ACRP Miscellaneous Publications:

ACRP Web-Only Documents:

  •      CTBSSP - Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program

CTBSSP Synthesis

CTBSSP Research Digests  

  •       HMCRP - Hazardous Materials Cooperative Research Program

HMCRP Reports  

HMCRP Research Digests  

HMCRP Synthesis:  To date, publications within these series are being produced, but have not yet been released.

HMCRP Legal Digests:  To date, publications within these series are being produced, but have not yet been released.

HMCRP Web-Only Digests:  To date, publications within these series are being produced, but have not yet been released.

  •       NCHRP - National Cooperative Highway Research Program

NCHRP Reports  (RPT #500 to Current Only)

NCHRP Synthesis Reports  (RPT #287 to Current Only)

NCHRP Research Digests  (DIG #268 to Current Only)

NCHRP Legal Research Digests  (Dig #48 to Current Only)

NCHRP Web- Only Documents

NCHRP Selected Studies in Transportation Law

  •      NCFRP - National Cooperative Freight Research Program

NCFRP Reports

NCFRP Research Digests

NCFRP Syntheses:  To date, publications within these series are being produced, but have not yet been released.

NCFRP Legal Digests: To date, publications within these series are being produced, but have not yet been released.

NCFRP Web-only Documents:  To date, publications within these series are being produced, but have not yet been released.

  •       SHRP2 - Strategic Highway Research Program

SHRP2 Reports  

SHRP2 Project Briefs

SHRP2 Program Briefs

SHRP2 Quarterly Updates

SHRP2 Annual Reports

  •       TCRP - Transit Cooperative Research Program

TCRP Reports

TCRP Synthesis

TCRP Research Digests

TCRP Legal Research Digests  

TCRP Web-Only Documents

TCRP Selected Studies in Transportation

  •      TRB – Transportation Research Board

TRR Journals

Transportation Research Circulars

TRB Annual Report (2007 to Current)

TRB Policy Studies (STU #218 to Current)

TRB Policy Study Letter Reports

TRB Informing Transportation Policy Choices

TRB Critical Issues in Transportation:  2013

  •      TRB – Transportation Research Record

Transportation Research Record – (RPT #1517 to Current Only) 

  •      Miscellaneous Publications and Services

Research and Innovation Technology Administration (RITA)

National Transportation Library

John A. Volpe National Transportation System Center

Northwestern Transportation Library's Transportation Article File

Wisconsin Selected Library Sources

Major Resource Organizations

National Research Reports

National Archives

International Research Reports


2.  Links to State Libraries, Databases and Research Centers

State Transportation Websites

Alabama Research and Development Center

Center for Advanced Public Safety - University of Alabama

National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University

University Transportation Center for Alabama

Alaska Research, Development and Technology Transfer

Arizona Department of Transportation Research Center

Arkansas Planning and Research Division

California Division of Research and Innovation

CalTrans Publications

Institute of Transportation Studies - UC Berkeley

MetTrans Transportation Center - USC/CSULB

Colorado Research Program

Colorado Library

Connecticut Research Reports and Publications

Delaware Center for Transportation - University of Delaware

Florida Research Center

Center for Urban Transportation Research - University of Southern Florida

University of Southern Florida Publications and Netcasts

Georgia Research and Development Branch

Idaho Research Center

National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology

Illinois Bureau of Material and Physical Research

Illinois Center for Transportation

Urban Transportation Center - University of Illinois at Chicago Working Papers and Research Reports

Illinois Research Center

Illinois Research Reports

Iowa Research and Analytics

Iowa State University Institute of Transportation

Kansas Research Unit

Kansas Publications and Reports

National Concrete Pavement Technology Center - Iowa State University

Kentucky Technology Transfer Program

Louisiana Transportation Research Center

Maine Transportation Research Center

Maryland Research Center

Maryland Research Project Page

Morgan State University Research Center

Massachusetts Research and Technology Transfer Center

Michigan Research Center

Michigan Research Reports

Minnesota Research Services

University of Minnesota Transportation Research Reports

Mississippi Research Division

Missouri Research Center

Montana Research Programs

Nebraska Materials and Research

New Hampshire Research Center

New Jersey Research Center

New Mexico Research Bureau

New York Transportation and Development Bureau

New York City DOT Library 

North Carolina Research & Analysis Unit

Project Search Engine

University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center

North Dakota Materials Testing and Research

North Dakota State University Research Reports

Ohio Statewide Planning and Research

Oklahoma Research Program

Oregon Research Reports

Oregon Transportation Development

Rhode Island Planning and Research Technology

South Carolina Office of Materials and Research 

South Dakota Research Department

Tennessee Transportation Library

Texas Research and Technology Implementation

Center for Transportation Research

Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Utah Research Center

Vermont Program Development

Virginia Research Library

Virginia Transportation Center for Innovation and Research

Washington State Transportation Research

West Virginia Research

Wisconsin Research and Library

Wyoming Department of Transportation Research Center

Wyoming State Library

Wyoming Technology Transfer Center Library


3.  Guides and Manuals

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) – 2009 and previous versions:  http://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/kno_1988r3.htm and http://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/

Standard Highway Signs and Markings

Task Force 13 Manuals

Strategic Highway Safety Plans:  A Champion's Guide to Saving Lives, Second Edition

Background Report Guidance for Roadway Safety Data to Support the Highway Safety Improvement Program