Multipurpose Vehicle Information


Multipurpose vehicle means a motor vehicle that is:

  1. Designed to travel on at least 4 wheels in contact with the ground

  2. Has an unladen (empty) weight of at least 300 pounds but less than 3,000 pounds

  3. Has a permanent upright seat or saddle for the driver which is mounted at least 24 inches from the ground

  4. Has an identifying number as defined by W.S. 31-1-101(a)(ix)

Multipurpose vehicles may be operated on public streets or highways, subject to the following provisions:

  1. Multipurpose vehicles shall not be operated on interstate highways.

  2. If a multipurpose vehicle is incapable of achieving the maximum speed allowed on the specific highway, it shall be operated on the extreme right hand edge of the roadway and shall be equipped with either a reflectorized flag or a slow moving vehicle emblem.