Preliminary surveying for 2020 project scheduled to begin next week in Cody

March 17, 2017

A future roadway rehabilitation project in the City of Cody is the reason for preliminary surveying work this month by the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

The future project is tentatively scheduled for the year 2020.

As part of this future project, WYDOT is upgrading the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements at the street corners on each city block. WYDOT Photos and Surveys workers from Cheyenne will be on site as early as next week, and possibly through early April, to survey existing street corners and gather preliminary data so plans can be developed for the project. 

“We are tentatively scheduled to do some roadway rehabilitation consisting of concrete slab replacement, grinding concrete, resealing concrete joints, and Americans with Disabilities Act upgrades on the concrete portion of US 14-16-20 from 10th Street to Stampede Avenue in the City of Cody in 2020,” said WYDOT Resident Engineer Todd Frost of Cody.

The US 14-16-20 roadway was originally reconstructed in 1985. This future project is being proposed as a rehabilitation project to provide required maintenance to protect taxpayers’ long-term investment in US 14-16-20.

“Since 1985, there has been minimal maintenance,” Frost said. “We are experiencing deterioration of some of the concrete slabs and loss of existing crack sealant. The joints in the concrete are there to control cracking in the concrete. Sealing the joints prevents water from entering the subgrade and causing roadway failures.”

For information about this news release, contact WYDOT public relations specialist Cody Beers at (307) 431-1803.