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Agricultural Gasoline Refund

Wyoming Agricultural Gasoline Refunds

Starting July 1, 2011, the agricultural gasoline exemption program changed to a refund process. The refund process is identical to the End-User Refund process used for undyed diesel. Due to this change, the agricultural user will file for a refund directly with the Wyoming Fuel Tax Administration Program. 


Gasoline purchased and used in Wyoming for agricultural purposes is subject to a refund of the $0.13 motor fuel license tax prior to July 1, 2013 or $.23 after July 1, 2013. Refund request forms with receipts or invoices showing date of purchase, gallons purchased and price per gallon must be submitted within within eighteen months following the date of purchase. Any user who is entitled to a minimum refund of tax of $250 in any calendar month may apply for the refund at any time after the last day of the month.


Refund forms and additional information can be found under the End-User Refund tab.






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