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Materials & Testing

Materials and Testing

The Materials Program and Laboratory provides materials and pavement engineering and materials and roadway testing services to all WYDOT programs. The primary responsibility of the Materials Program is determining the optimum use of materials used in highway construction.

Materials testing and engineering services are provided for state highway projects.

No services are available to the public.




Delivering innovative pavement solutions through management systems, design, and testing.


Greg Milburn, P.E.
State Materials Engineer
WYDOT Materials Program
5300 Bishop Blvd
Cheyenne, WY  82009-3340
(307) 777-4476
(307) 777-4481 Fax


Contact Information

Pat Bennett, Administrative Assistant
(307) 777-4476

Greg Milburn, P.E., State Materials Engineer
(307) 777-4070

Bob Rothwell, P.E., Assistant State Materials Engineer
(307) 777-4071

Bruce Morgenstern, P.E., Asphalt Engineer & Accreditation Manager
(307) 777-4271

Chris Romo, P.E., Concrete Engineer
(307) 777-4074

Joel Dagnillo, P.E., Pavement Design Engineer
(307) 777-4726

Ryan Steinbrenner, P.E. Pavement Design Engineer
(307) 777-4477

Wes Bybee, P.E. Assistant Pavement Design Engineer
(307) 777-4722

Mano (Emiliano) Martinez, P.E., Assistant Pavement Design Engineer
(307) 777-4072

Michael Farrar, P.E., Pavement Management Engineer
(307) 777-4075

Sarah Rickgauer, P.E., Assistant Pavement Management Engineer
(307) 777-4019

Brad Freeman, Asphalt Laboratory
(307) 777-4076

Scott Neal, Chemistry Laboratory
(307) 777-4478

Tracy Quinn, Concrete Laboratory
(307) 777-4081

Ray Burlew, Soils & Surfacing Laboratory
(307) 777-4078

Ken Hixenbaugh, Certifications, Finals, & Design
(307) 777-4213

Mike Reyes, Independent Assurance
(307) 777-4096

Chuck Cisco , Roadway Evaluation & Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)

(307) 777-4084

Contact RSO via emailRadiation.jpg 




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