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Bid letting information

All Contractors wanting to bid with WYDOT

WYDOT will be using a new software for bidding starting with the January 2015 Bid Letting.  This is a Web based System.

Your Company must contact Mark Janicek  to set up an administrator for the company. This person will manage the Company user access and company information. This needs to be set up in order to be able to Bid in Wyoming.  

 Mark's phone number - 307-777-4214.

Update to SS-100A

As of January 1, 2015, SS-100A, Amendments to the Division 100 of the 2010 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, has changed.  Please be sure that you look this over as we have made some changes to the Bidding Requirements and Conditions, and there have been changes to the Liquidated Damages.

Projects only available for viewing and downloading.

We now have the plans, proposals, cross-sections available for Viewing on our Website or for a small fee you will be able to download the information to your computer.  To get to this new site just click on the word, Letting, under the Navigation Tab to the right of this page.  On the next page you will find the QuestCDN.com icon near the top of the page.  Click on the icon, and it will take you to another website where you will find the projects listed on this page.  Click on the project you want to view, then at the top of the page, click on View plans.

Electronic Design Files (.dgn.gpk)

We are providing electronic files upon request. These files are used with Geopak and Microstation to produce cross sections. The term "design files" may lead you to believe that it contains all of the plan and proposal, but that is not the case. 

If you have any questions call Mark Janicek of the Contracts & Estimates office at (307) 777-4214.

Contracts & Estimates Office: 307-777-4487

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