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The Wyoming Airports Procedural Assistance and Information Manual - Part I General Procedures 

This Manual has been developed to assist airport personnel, local governments and consulting firms in doing business with the Wyoming Department of Transportation's  Aeronautics Division. Part I may be found here.

The General Procedures are now open for a 60 day public comment period. Additional sections of the manual will be posted and open for comment when they become available. Go to the Rules & Regulations and Policies page under the Navigate bar to review and comment.

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    2013 Wyoming Airports Economic Impact Study:

    In late 2013, the Aeronautics Division of the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) completed an important research project to investigate the value to the state from airports and airport supported services. 

    To determine potential benefits associated with the 35 public-use commercial and general aviation airport in Wyoming, outreach to each airport was completed.  This outreach included:  

    • Surveys of 4,000 travelers using commercial and general aviation airports
    • Direct mailings to 400 businesses
    • Contact with 30 statewide agencies and organizations
    • Contact with 50 chambers of commerce and economic development groups
    • Distribution of an online survey link via 40 media/news outlets

    Results of the outreach clearly show that residents and businesses, and visitors do indeed benefit from Wyoming airports.  

    The summary of the benefits identified, the entire Economic Impact Executive Summary, and all of the different reports generated from this study can be found here.


    Aeronautics Division:

    200 East 8th Ave.aerologo.jpg
    Cheyenne, WY 82001
    Telephone No.:  (307) 777-3952, Fax No.:  (307) 637-7352

    Main Aeronautics Division Contacts:
    Dennis Byrne, Administrator – (307) 777-3952
    Katie Pfister, Executive Assistant & Commission Secretary – (307) 777-3952
    Tory Meisel, Flight Operations Manager – (307) 777-3955
    Tess Smith, Flight Scheduling – (307) 777-3951
    Christy Yaffa, Planning and Programming Program Manager – (307) 777-3956
    Cheryl Bean, Engineering & Construction Program Manager – (307) 777-3960
    Sheri Taylor, Air Service Development Program Manager – (307) 777-4360

    Complete Aeronautics Division Contacts Listing:


    WYDOT Aeronautics Division personnel work in conjunction with members of the Aeronautics Commission to support aviation and publicly owned airports in the state.



    Schedule a Flight:

    To Schedule a flight on the state plane - Please see the Flight Operations Program.

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