BRASS™ Suite of Computer Programs


Programs may be purchased individually or as an entire suite.

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All BRASS™ purchases come with one year of free technical support and upgrades. No maintenance or upgrade fees are assessed the first year.

Annual maintenance fees apply to programs as shown above. An invoice will be sent prior to the anniversary date and the annual maintenance fee will be due on the anniversary date. Users must be current with maintenance fees to receive technical support, updates and new releases.

Upgrade fees apply to programs as shown above. As new versions are released, customers may upgrade an existing license to the current release for the upgrade fee. The purchase price applies to new licenses. No additional fees are assessed for upgrades made within one year from the anniversary date of purchase or most recent upgrade. Upgrade fees are included in the BRASS™ Suite of Programs annual maintenance fee.

These fees are applied to site or individual licenses and are used to provide technical support and to perform maintenance work on the programs to keep them current with the latest technologies and specifications.

BRASS™ is a site license which means any number of users at a single location may load the software on their computers. If the software is loaded on a network, steps should be taken to restrict users from other locations from accessing BRASS™ or additional software licenses should be purchased.

The purchase price or annual maintenance fee for any combination of BRASS™ programs will not exceed the BRASS™ Suite of Programs purchase price or the annual Maintenance fee respectively. 

Prices effective October 2017