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This is the official Wyoming Driver Services Program website, please be aware of imitator websites like DMV.org, DMV.com, and dmvdriverlicenses.org who are not affiliated with state government.

Cheyenne's Driver Services Exam Station is located at 1520 Etchepare Circle
                         MAILING ADDRESS: for all driver license issues and renewals
                                                                WYOMING DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
                                                                Attn: Driver Services
                                                                5300 Bishop Blvd. 
                                                                Cheyenne WY, 82009

For Titles and vehicle registrations call your local County Treasurer's office
WYDOT's Driver Services Program administers and maintains Wyoming's driving records system, tests, and issues and processes all classes of driver licenses, commercial driver licenses, learner permits, graduated driver licensing, and identification cards.  Driver Services maintains driver history records, including convictions for motor vehicle offenses and crashes, and administers the process of withdrawing and reinstating driving privileges.


  • Drivers with Learner's Permits may drive in Wyoming as long as they are adhering to the restrictions associated with the permit they hold.  Example:  If the permit you hold requires another licensed driver to sit in the seat next to you when you are operating a motor vehicle, that restriction applies in Wyoming.  
  • Drivers with licenses issued from another country may drive in Wyoming as long as they have a valid driver license from their country. An International Driving Permit is recommended but not mandatory. This permit translates your driver license, so if needed, the proper authorities will be able to ascertain the information on your driver license. 
  • Drivers whose driving privileges are denied, suspended, cancelled or revoked in any state are in violation of Wyoming law if they operate a motor vehicle on Wyoming roadways. 
  • Drivers who are ticketed with moving violation convictions will not have these violations recorded in Wyoming, the convictions are sent to the driver's home state for their disposition. Additionally, convictions for driving under the influence and other alcohol or drug offenses may result in the withdrawal of driving privileges both in Wyoming and in the state in which you are licensed.
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