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Specialty Plates



Applications for 2017 Specialty Plates with the new background image will not be available until fall of 2016.  Any applications received prior to fall of 2016 will be returned.


WYDOT will contact all Specialty Plate customers 3-6 months prior to their plate's expiration, reminding them to reapply for the Specialty Plate.  All Specialty Plate customers who reapply in 2017 will have the option to keep their existing plate combination.

Specialty License Plates

The following special license plates are processed by WYDOT in conjunction with the county treasurers' offices. Some of these plates require a county treasurer to approve them prior to submitting the application to WYDOT. In addition, some of the specialty plates require an extra fee to be remitted with the application. 


The following plates are issued through WYDOT-Motor Vehicles Services only:

Personalized Prestige Plate Online Application

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