WYDOT Standard Plans


The most recent revision to WYDOT's Standard Plans were made effective September 2023.

WYDOT Standard Plans are made available electronically in PDF format only. A complete set of WYDOT Standard Plans in hard copy may be purchased from WYDOT's Financial Services Revenue, phone (307) 777-4435 or (307) 777-4434.

Previous Standard Plan issuances were March 2022, October 2020, October 2018, July 2016, October 2016, July 2015, October 2014, October 2013, December 2012, July 2012, January 2012, February 2011, April 2010.

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603-1B (r1)(OCT_2020) Pipe Fill Height Chart and Installation Details (2.87  MB)
603-2 (NOV_2004) CMP Flared End Sections (1.02  MB)
603-3 (NOV_2004) RCP Flared End Sections (1.68  MB)
603-4 (NOV_2004) Steel Mitered End Sections (2.04  MB)
603-5 (NOV_2004) Pipe Collars (2.16  MB)
605-1 (NOV_2004) Pipe Underdrains & Edge Drains (716.4  KB)
606-1 (NOV_2004) Corrugated Beam Guardrail - For Reference Only (6.95  MB)
606-2B (SEP_2023) MGS Guardrail (5.1  MB)
606-3B (SEP_2023) MGS Fabrication Standards (2.66  MB)
606-6C (SEP_2023) Box Beam Guardrail (3.31  MB)
606-7C (SEP_2023) Box Beam Guardrail Fabrication Standards (2.18  MB)
607-1A (DEC_2006) Wire Fence (2.61  MB)
607-2 (NOV_2004) Industrial Fence (1.32  MB)
607-3 (NOV_2004) Industrial Gates (1.53  MB)
608-1B (JUL_2018) Concrete Sidewalk and ADA Accessibility (3.56  MB)
609-1B (JAN_2012) Curb and Gutter, Double Gutter and Median Paving (2.12  MB)
610-1 (NOV_2004) Metal Drain Inlet and Plant Mix Curb (445.69  KB)
611-1A (OCT_2007) Highway Monuments (509.06  KB)
614-1 (NOV_2004) Concrete Checks, Drops and Spillways (336.22  KB)
614-2 (NOV_2004) Concrete Invert Paving (1.78  MB)
615-1 (NOV_2004) Cattle Guards (1.86  MB)
616-1C (SEP_2023) 10 FT [3 m] Wood Snow Fence (384.35  KB)
616-2C (SEP_2023) 12 FT [3.6 m] Wood Snow Fence (466.94  KB)
617-1 (NOV_2004) Bevel End Finish, Cut-Off Walls and Head Walls (7.83  MB)
618-1 (NOV_2004) Reinforced Concrete Stockpass and Flared End Sections (390.16  KB)
619-1 (NOV_2004) Trash Guards for Pipe (2.31  MB)
620-1 (OCT_2018) Valve Box Collars (161.13  KB)
622-1 (NOV_2004) Structural Plate Pipe Fill Height Chart (2.78  MB)
625-1 (NOV_2004) Inlet Type M1 for Median Drains (408.86  KB)
625-2 (NOV_2004) Storm Sewer Curb Inlets (2.91  MB)
625-3 (NOV_2004) Manholes (2.32  MB)
625-4 (OCT_2018) Manhole Collars (160.74  KB)
631-1 (NOV_2004) Slotted Drains (604.23  KB)